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Re: Supercharged LS3 crammed into an XJ

Originally Posted by Skruffy View Post
I would be happy to help. But I have to ask why you would go through any trouble to keep the aw4? GM transmissions are plentiful and not expensive plus the adapter you need to mate it with your transfer case is readily available. And they fit just fine.
An AW4 is a fine transmission but a 4LX0E or 6LX0E will hold up to the V8 better.

The hard part about gauge integration is getting the wiring harness correct. If you donít have a no shit XJ shop manual for your year or someone has tinkered with your wiring it will be rough.
I had Novak rework the GM harness that came from my doner car and the GM side was a price of cake, the XJ side was much more difficult. Pay close attention to the ground splices on the diagrams or you will end up deleting sensor grounds while you strip it. Or donít strip it at all, that would work too but is ugly if you care about that sort of thing.

Either way man go for it. It is super satisfying to complete a project like this and unless your striker is truly wild you will be blown away by the performance.
Thanks for the help so far. I may go with the 4l60e. I'm not sure yet. I was just thinking it would really be something if a guy could re-use everything from the engine back. It would really open up the ls swap idea to people who didn't think they could do it. I put gen 2 raptor coilovers in the front of my tundra... Anything is possible haha.
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