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Adjustable shackle and relocators

On my 1990 XJ I have 33 inch tires and a Rubicon 5,5 inch lift. My shackles are five inches long. I installed the lift shackle relocator kit from iron man. The shackles at first I put in the center hole in the relocator bracket, got me near 45 degrees, but it dropped my jeep body too much such that wheels rubbed on the flares. So I moved the shackle to the rear most hole in the relocator bracket. This improved lift, but not as much as I liked, but gave me a 10 degree shackle angle, better than what I had before (before the relocator, the shackle was vertical, and ride was harsh.)

So I want to go to a shackle length to give me a 45 degree angle and up my lift a bit more for added tire clearance.

I see iron mans adjustable shackle, it has a range of adjustment from 8 to 10.5 inches.

I have kind of sketched out the geometry on paper with a protractor and ruler and think that 8 inch shackle would give me close to 45 degree angle if I use the forward most hole of the relocator, and it looks like it would give me near 3/4 inch of lift too.

Does this seem correct?

Core offers a shackle that goes from 5 to 8 inches, verses ironman that is 8 to 10.5 adjustment range.

So should I go with the iron man shackle, which may even allow more lift is say I adjust it to 9 inches?

As for angle Is it true that 45 degrees is the best? what if it is steeper, say 30 degrees ie more vertical than 45 degrees, is used? will that cause trouble?

I think I can also swap the shackle relocator around to allow even more forward holes, for even longer shackle while able to keep a good near 45 degree angle, right?


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