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Re: How to get more flex out of my Xj

In the front I have found that if you remove your shocks and test, the steering as well as your track bar can bind, limiting travel. A knuckle over conversion as well as a good flex joint, double sheer track bar setup will help. In the rear you are right to look at a shackle relocation bracket. If your existing setup has a close to 90 degree shackle angle, then the rear droop is limited to just the flex of the leafs. If you have a longer shackle and decrease the shackle angle, it will allow for more travel - the actual movement of the shackle as well as the leaf. One thing to take into consideration when it comes to travel, is having balanced and usable travel is more important than overall travel. I actually limit the amount of travel I have in the front of my rig, and use a currie anti-rock swaybar on the softest setting in the front. It allows me to have much more balanced travel between my front and rear, more off-camber stability, without sacrificing usable travel. Tons of flex is nice for a RTI ramp, but not always the best when wheeling.
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