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Re: Mishimoto R&D: XJ Performance Fan Shroud

You should have the fan set tested in hot weather on a slow rock crawl up hill. That is the real proof test. Perhaps Death Valley at 115 F. Of course that will have to wait till summer, but maybe some folks in the southern hemisphere can test for you this December?

Also you could disable one fan, and see how only two fans do for cooling. That would give us an idea of how much margin there is in cooling capacity. So run a test with one or even two fans switched off and see how she does. If turning off one fan does not result in a temperature rise, that would be a good thing to show. If two fans cant cool the jeep safely in moderate weather, on the highway, then three fans probably are marginal.

You want to test the snot out of this in hot weather, slow crawling, i.e. high engine load, perhaps with one fan off, or blocked. You need worst case testing.
You dont want to sell a boat load of these systems to find that this summer customers are overheating on trails, as that would be bad for them, and your company. You need to test them to the limit prior to offering them for sale.

I wish you the best in this endeavor.
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