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Re: Shock measurement at full extension/compression

Hello, thanks for replies. I lifted rear passenger tire until driver rear just came off ground and it was teetering between diver rear and passenger front. I took measurements as full extended on diver and compressed on passenger. Noticed my OEM shackles where hitting uni-body in rear. I ordered some extended boomerang shackles to install in rear, hopeful to correct that and get full flex from leafs. In front, I lifted uni-body until coils started to unload, took that as full extension. For compression in front, I did the math.

Front 26.75/16.5, Rear 24.75 14.25

Using JKS, bar pin eliminators and stem eliminators, Ordered shocks Fox 2.0 IFP, didn't need the measurements anyway with the range of 2.0s offered by Fox for the XJ. They are here, Saturdays project and lineament rack next week.
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