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Re: Mishimoto R&D: XJ Performance Fan Shroud

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
Awesome to see the support!

I have put in a message for the Board of Directors to see about getting you the answers you want. Being the holiday season I can't say exactly when someone will get back to you. And this place is a living example of the Pareto Principle.

Could you tell us more about the fan controller? I see that is one of the options, but I don't see any pics or details about its operation.

I see there is a jumper for the '97-'01 models. What can you tell us about wiring in earlier models?

How many amps draw for the whole system? Under "Specs" I see 13.08 amps, but is that for one fan or for all three? Note that some of us have our charging systems pretty well maxed out, what with additional lighting, ARB fridges, winches and who knows what all other new electronic gadgets that no one was thinking of when these vehicles first came out. An upgraded charging system is a fairly common need in our world.

For what one person's opinion is worth, I would suggest you rename your product to include the fans in the name. At first glance, looking at the page from which to purchase this, I had a WTF moment when I thought a relatively simple piece of aluminum sheet metal was priced higher than an aluminum radiator. Stepping back and seeing that this also includes the fans resolved that issue in my mind, but it might create an initial negative impression that could put off some folks.

Thank you for the help with the vendor subscription - I know this isn't everybody's day job, so I understand it can take some time.

To answer your questions:

We use this controller (, but include both the NPT and the probe-style sensors. It's a single-speed, thermostatic controller that triggers the fans at any temp between 150*F and 240*F, it also includes a manual bypass that you can hook up to a switch to turn the fans on whenever needed. If you want to use the probe sensor, you just slip it in between the fins on the radiator; the NPT sensor just requires any 1/8" NPT port into a coolant galley, or we also sell adapters to splice the sensor into a coolant hose ( We wanted to make this an add-on in case anybody wanted to use a manual switch, progressive controller, or already had another controller installed. We include the installation of the fan controller in our installation video as well (, so you can see how to wire it up.

The jumper for the A/C fan is only needed for the 1997-2001 models as Jeep changed the plug type for those years. The early models are a direct plug-and-play with the connector attached to the A/C fan, but we still include the jumper with every order, just in case. The other two fans can be run off the controller or a switch as mentioned above.

I've updated the current ratings on the page to reflect the entire system. Each fan pulls 13.08 amps at startup, so if all three start at the same time, it will draw 39.24 amps. Once started, each fan pulls 6.8 amps for a total draw of 20.4 amps.

I will also pass on your concern with the product title. It's always a fun line to walk making descriptive titles that don't take up your entire screen, especially when most people are browsing from their phones

Hope this answers your questions, feel free to let me know if you have any more or if I can clarify anything more.

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