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Re: Differences in Center Frame Stiffeners

Originally Posted by VAhasnoWAVES View Post
what ever stiffener you choose...

coat the frame rail and back side of the stiffener with a weld through primer. then after you rosette weld and stitch weld, go back with a body seam sealer and run a bead around the perimeter of the frame stiffeners. thats about the best you can do. itll last longer than the jeep.
To being with, the center frame that you wish to plate is not sealed. It have 12+ holes in it permanently from the factory. That is in addition to other holes in the front and aft section. And the front and aft of the frame where the bumpers are attached are wide open. I would not do anything to try to seal the center section. Leave the holes open so water entering anywhere in the frame will drain out the lowest/center section.
On completely welding the stiffeners, manufactures and welding experts suggest not to completely welding them in but rather stitch welding them. I will take the advice of the masses on this subject.

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