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Re: few questions about the drive line on my 98

Like everyone else has said, definitely do your research before dumping a bunch of cash into things. I personally would recommend getting a Ford 8.8 out of a late model Ford Explorer. They are cheap and plentiful at the Junk Yard, come with the same 5 x4.5 bolt pattern, 31 spline axles and disk brakes. There are a number of companies that sell the conversion kits -which basically contain new spring perches, shock mounts, u bolts pads and u bolts. It will take a little more work to weld on the spring perches and shock mounts, as well as a little welding on the tube, to make sure they will never spin, but the benefit is a rear end with lots of traction device support, is heavy duty and easily supports 35's. I am running 37's on my XJ with a Ford 8.8.

There are lots of threads on of people who have done the swap. Here are some of the kits
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