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Re: Best type of LED lights for driving

Originally Posted by crazymaci View Post
Now that is solid info right there. Basically robbing switched power from the factory headlight system to switch on the relays, and supply direct battery power to the new lights. Makes sense, I'm going to run a main power from the post to this fused gang section, will also be able to run my onboard air pump as well
I need a fuse (or breaker) box like that, BTW I have the same HF Tap & Die set.

Originally Posted by mechbullxj View Post
Does anyone know the difference between Candlepower and Lumens, when rating brightness of a lights output? Does Lumens apply to LEDs only? I'll post a few pictures of a Baja Design 10" rated at 4200 lumens @ 100% power output.

Many LED's are rated in MCD - mini-Candelas, It is a measure of brightness - in a single direction, Lumens measure total light output. i.e. a 40-Watt lightbulb should put out a good 400 Lumen (probably similar to a 5-Watt LED)

Converter, and info:

More info:
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