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Re: Bent valves and wiped cam?

It just threw a P0128 code, interesting, but not yet, by itself a clear bit of info.

" P0128 JEEP
Indicates that the thermostat monitor has not achieved the required engine operating temperature within a specified amount of time after starting the engine.
Symptoms- CEL
Possible causes
- Insufficient warm up time
- Low engine coolant level
- Leaking or stuck open thermostat
- Faulty MAP sensor
- Engine coolant temperature sensor harness is open or shorted
- Engine coolant temperature sensor circuit poor electrical connection
- Faulty engine coolant temperature sensor When is the code detected?

Coolant temperature does not reach predicted engine coolant temperature within specific time

Tech notes
If cooling system is not leaking and the fluid level is OK, replacing the thermostat usually takes care of the problem."

Originally Posted by Green Mesa XJ View Post
If he can I guess that fine. Iíd hat for your son to lose money because heís stuck with a lemon. Is it a local warranty through the place he bought it? Kind of odd, but I could see a smaller local dealer try to make the profit on a selling warranties. If itís a local deal make them see their repairs made it undrivable. If itís national company keep on them until they replace the engine. Even after it expires as long as you reported the issues they still have to fix it.

Seems like new jeeps engines management systems are so complex once the have gremlins you keep fighting. Same thing for these aluminum head overhead cam engines. Once they overheat or drop a valve unless the repairs are done right it comes back to haunt. Iíve seen so many post from people who pick up a cheap KJ donít realize these engines are still very expensive and trying to piecemeal a repair will not work.

Iíd be curious to see service history for that KK, my guess is the dealer bought it with a engine problem and tried to patch it. Aside from a factory lemon there is no reason any low milage engine should fail like this.

BTW as your son is shopping around keep in mind any Chrysler product from the late 90s to 2012 with a 4.7 or 3.7 are the same engine as his KK has now. And oil changes are the lifeís blood of these newer engines.

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