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Re: Renix 1988 hi idle at start up

yeah I know old man.I DO like my renix system,hell I've tuned it in by timming adjustments and air/fuel ratio tunning as well,my timming is electronically adjustable with a timming box for Chevy LS1's go figure,well anyways my ONLY problem is with the idle circuit,IF I were only electronically smart enough to de-bug that part of the pcm.....I'd be a millionare!!!!!!! as I have searched this deal a LOT and it is just a design flaw,from what I can see/read is there are a lot of renix owners out there that can't get rid of this issue either.Just tryin to find out what other people have done to resolve there idle issue so I can try what others have done to fix there's IF they have that is...................
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