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My XJ's Big Boy Stage II

So a few things to add since Iíve been on here last. Jeep pretty much sat for a little while. Was taking care of buying my first house do that too a lot of time. Got started on my half doors. Need to cut the passenger side and cap everything but that will happen Iím due time. Biggest thing is my rear geometry. The Ironman4x4 crossmember didnít have enough separation at the frame. So I drew up a fix for that. And with the help of a buddy of mine that had a laser at his job had them cut and put in this past week. Set up them to have a few more options to really dial in the rear suspension. Need to had some bracing to the cage and trim a little more out of the floor before I go wheeling again. Other than that a i have a few things coming alone soon.

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