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Re: Delay in fuel pump/check engine light. Electrical grimlens? Need help!

Originally Posted by Heavyopp View Post
Aren't you working on a 95? Why would you think a 94 ECM would be OK
There are a handful of oem part numbers and you should ideally match the existing one. The different flavors cover things like manual versus automatic and CA versus federal emissions. The 1994 and 1995 ECMs were otherwise identical with the same oem part numbers. I don't see where it can hurt to try a spare if you have one. Worst case it through a code that you don't have the extra O2 sensors or it can't talk to a trans computer.

Search the p/n on ebay if you need one, typically $50-$100, or $224 for a Cardone branded rebuilt (ie a clean up used unit that they might have actually tested).
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