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Cheap build help...

Maybe this should be in the For Sale section, but I anticipate a lot more BS'ing than actual tangible results, so I put it here in the general section.

I'm looking at picking up my third 2WD MJ, and have maybe 1.5 months to make it 4WD on an extreme shoestring budget. It's an HO model that hasn't been driven in about 7 years, and I'd love to score a 4WD trans and T-case from a '94-up (for external slave) manual trans for uber cheap. I'll likely be mobile again in a few weeks (stupid broken leg) and am soliciting hints and tips as to where I can find these parts for junkyard prices. Free is better, but I'm a realist here... I fully expect to just weld the rear end and try wheeling some JV trails that way, but I figured I'd pitch it out here. If any group can help, you guys can. I'm planning on scouring junkyards for these parts in 2-3 weeks time, once I'm more functional, but thought I'd solicit hints here in the meantime.

So anyone have a 4WD trans laying around or seen one in a boneyard recently? Also, metric tonne MJs in junkyards would be a sweet tip-off. I've run across a few in the past, but I didn't need the springs or 44 rear end then. Now that I do, I'm sure they will be rarer than hen's teeth.
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