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Re: 1988 Renix to 1991 Chrysler conversion Renix ABS/Factory Alarm Questions

If you got a good complete 1991 donor XJ for all the electrical for your 1988 why not swap all the harnesses from engine bay to tail lights from the 91 to the 88? I know its alot of work, but it sure sounds you have done a ton of work already....... then your 88 will be a full 1991 XJ electrically...... only thing off the top of my head in the ABS harness under the rear seat is to find and tie the 2 wires together for the e-brake indicator light on the dash to work when you pull the e-brake... also you gonna have extra wires in the 88 interiour harness that goes out to the engine bay for the abs relay yellow light and other ABS wiring....Sounds better to me to swap all the harnesses inside the XJ to 1991...then no issues with factory alarm ect..... I have a 1995 Neon for years and years as my daily beater... couple years ago the trans went out and I moved to a place that had emissions testing, I pulled off the cat, egr and alot of stuff, these cars arent worth much anyways and just to much money for a trans and the missing emmisions stuff...was gonna retire it to the crusher after 275,000 miles.... Well I found a t-boned 1998 Neon R/T with 98,000 on the clock and decent shape besides being bent in half.... I spent 2 weeks stripping the R/T to a shell, stripped the 95 to a shell and put every piece of the 98 on the 95.... now I have a completey stock 95 Neon with all 98 R/T stuff... it passed emissions, drives great, alot faster with DOHC enegine and 5 speed trans, after all said and done I spent $300.00 total... sold a ton of stuff I had left over, even repalced the timing belt, waterpump and tensioner pulley and rear main seal before I stuck in the drivetrain...... I was contemplating not to change out dash and crossbody harness, but in the end I am glad I did... since I know it is the correct harness for the rest of the car and no corners cut...... I hit the key and it fired up after all the swapping...not a lick of problems....
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