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Re: Bent valves and wiped cam?

Originally Posted by Green Mesa XJ View Post
Here is a very good reply from the KJ forum.

(Also make sure the shop used Chrysler HOAT coolant or Zerex G-05. )
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Thanks. I never have trusted that junk. My son has been using the old school conventional green coolant since the leak started. No idea what was in it when he bought it.

I heard too many bad news war stories about those newer coolants. I/WE have been using the old green formula on my 2001 saturn since 2008, which has an aluminum head, now has 280,000 miles on it. Buy it is on its fifth Plastic POS radiator (Plastic fails, not the aluminum) since 2001, LOL. I know the Prior Owner....I replaced the OEM water pump for a front seal leak at 265,000 miles :-)

Has the consensus changed the last 5-8 years on those newer coolants? Have they fixed the bad formulations they started with?

I have never ever had a head gasket fail in 45 years using the old school green stuff (Sodium Metasilicate and Ethylene Glycol formulations).

Even when or years after the rigs blew many hoses.

His jeep never had any external leaks we could find since he bought it!!
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