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Bent valves and wiped cam?

Normally the warranties are national companies. Iíd try to call them with your claim number tell them youíre still have issues with with a repair. See if theyíll send you to another shop.

BTW 150 is not good compression for the 3.7, itís specs are 170-225
I think the shop owner doesnít know what the compression really is, if that 150 is legit itís too low.

Also thinking about the miss he had earlier that could have been the headgasket.

3.7 is no where near the legendary 4.0(4.2), it is a decent motor but will not take the abuse a 4.0 will or any of the old iron head engines can. I was disappointed with our commander problems from the previous owners neglect, the gunk issue was something easily fixable in a 4.0 turned out to be a major headache with the 3.7.

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