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Re: Bent valves and wiped cam?

Originally Posted by lawsoncl View Post
Were the bent valves on the same side? I believe the tensioners are spring loaded with ratchet pawls. So the only thing you could screw up during reinstalling the tensioner is forcing the tensioner out too far or not resetting it so the tension is too tight. Or not properly releasing the pawl and pressing the the tensioner back in.
Yes it was just one side, as they replaced just the one Cam shaft that had wiped lobes. Intersting reply, thanks very much!!!! So does that answer how the valve stems got bent with out hitting and damaging the aluminum piston?

Could the hydraulic rocker (what ever its called) have gotten in the middle of the problem? They said it was nothing but the Can lobes wiped flat and 2 bent valves not closing that were the problem. Which happened a week after driving with the new head gaskets (as I understand so far)
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