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Bent valves and wiped cam?

Oh thereís a KJ side now? I got a ping because I posted to that thread.

I donít trust what the repair shop says. Tensioners and chain should have been fine unless the shop screwed up.

Random misfire with no CEL could be coils, wires (3 of them go from the coils if I have the year right.) and spark plugs. Injectors maybe, my f150 had bad injectors cause a miss like feeling with no CEL

Um there is something most 3.7 & 4.7 have where they feel like they miss at idle, drop rpm below 550 the spike up and settle down. Pretty much a known gremlin to jeep because Chrysler set the idle so low. All kind of things might feed in to it but a lot of us have replaced everything that in theory can cause it and it comes back. But this is only a at idle where it feels like it might stall but doesnít.
If thatís the miss he might have nothing to worry about.

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