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Re: 5.3L Vortec V8 Conversion

Here's what I finally ended up with:
The case is the original NP231J from my heep.
Front output is from an Dodge NP231D t-case.
The main shaft is from a mid 90's NP231C

I used the chevy input since it's a 27 spline and matches the tranny. I also robbed the wide main gear, reluctor ring, VSS, and tail cone from the chevy t-case.

The clocking ring is all home build stuff using a 8" O.D x 5" I.D. x3/8" thick steel donut.

While I had the case apart I also cut about 3/8" off the tail end of the rear output shaft to get to the softer steel. I then drilled it and will tap it in the next day or so. I'll be installing a flanged SYE and then I can deal with the driveshaft.

Made a lot of progess on the wiring as well today. Hopefully I can get the PCM mounted tomorrow and start shortening some of the wires for it too. Buying a harness would most certainly have been easier, but going this route I'm becoming intimately familiar with the Chevy harness. Yes, thats a good thing.

Did a little research and measuring at the parts house a few days back and found that a GM fuel pump (from the same model and year as the donor rig for my engine) will fit in my stock fuel tank. The upper ring will need to be widened by either plastic welding another ring onto it or sandwiching between two pieces of stainless steel. I'm thinking that the SS option is the better of the two.
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