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1991 XJ SE - Crank no start problems

Hey all, new here and I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.
I have a 1991 Cherokee XJ SE that has been sitting for years.

I'm able to get it running with starting fluid, so I'm pretty sure/ hope the only problem is that it's not getting gas.

I just found out that I checked the power to the fuel pump wrong. I had to have someone crank the engine when I checked, and I had just turned the key to the on position and got little to no readings on the multi-meter. I will be going to recheck the power tomorrow.

I can't find anywhere that tells me where the Fuel pump fuse is. The fuel pump relay is getting power (around 12 volts), replaced it with the AC fuse and it still didn't start.

It has fresh fuel, enough coolant and oil, and I cleaned the spark plugs.

I don't have a way to post images, but there is an electronic harness to the right of the air filter box that isn't connected to anything. Is this to access the computer? Would be happy to know what that goes to/if that is normal.

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