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High pitched whine from the engine at high idle, running speed

When my heep idles, there it sounds fine but as soon as you bump the idle up or go for a drive the noise starts at around 20 Kilometeres and hour and up. I have no idea what it could be, the belt seems fine... I am hoping its not somthing inside the engine, otherwise I am out of a vehicle for awhile.

I was thinking it could be like the power steering pump, belt idler, A/C, water pump (but its new so I doubt it), cooling fan, hopefully somthing easy to replace diagnose like that....

If I removed the belt and started it and reved it for a few seconds, that would elimiate all those components and the only downfall I see is no cooling pump.. but its only for a second, and at least it would tell me if its the engine or a belt driven accessorie.

Edit: I took off the belt and its not the engine, but an accessory so I checked them all. I think its my alternator, I spin the thing and it makes a squeal/whine. Im wondering what I can do, should I replace it now... or wait till it fails

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