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Not blowing air

Originally Posted by Ecomike View Post
It could be one or more of the following.

The blower fuse under the dash drivers side..
The wire to the Ignition switch that powers the Blower and radio and WS Wipers.
The ignition switch (contacts that power the blower etc)
The AC blower speed switch.
The speed resistor pack that blower selector switch powers to drop the blower speed it is under the dash on the passenger side
And the blower motor itself.
10 years ago I had to replace them all on an 85 and many of them on the 87, with in about three years as one going bad stresses them all into overheating.

The Wagoneer is super rare and very valuable now!!!

If yours is a manual transmission check the fuse and fuse holder as the master cylinder likes to leak brake fluid from the Transmission MS onto it and it ruins the fuse contacts in the fuse block.

On my 87 Wagoneer, I replaced the wires from the battery to the fuse to the ignitions witch, with 10 gauge wire (stock is 14 gauge BS) and a 30 amp dash toggle switch and 30 am breaker (fuse). It also runs the electric seats and windows, and radio and windshield wiper and turn signals on one piss ant 14 gauge wire.

Extremely helpful! Would you mind if I pm'd you as I get into it?

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