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Re: Intermittent crank no start w/ new cps, cam sensor

Originally Posted by lazyxj View Post
First, find a OBDII code reader and find out what the code indicates.

Many times the dash goes dead from a bad connection in one of the plugs, under the dash.
This one has cause this problem several times for me.
Under the dash, driver's side, up on the left is a large plug (with many wires) with a small bolt passing through it.
Loosen the bolt and work the plug in and out a few times to clean the contacts, then tighten it up, pushing the plug together at the same time.

A dead dash can also be cause by dirty contacts on the rear of the speedometer assembly, this usually does not effect he running or starting of the engine.
I know, I know a new code reader is a must. Did the plug and still nothing. It's only the fuel and voltage that are out which makes me think a sensor is the culprit.
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