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07 grand cherokee sudden loss of power

Hi all. Was driving my 07 2WD Hemi Grand Cherokee this weekend when it had a sudden loss of fwd motion on the freeway. Coasted to the right hand lane (it would rev like in neutral but no power to transmission) so I shut it off. Waited a minute, and it started right back up, went into gear fine, and drove home fine the rest of the way (northern PA to DC.) Did not make any noises/grinding/pulsing etc when the power loss occurred. Still had pwr steering and brakes fine. 125k miles on it.

Have not driven it since b/c I don't want to be stranded again. Any idea where to look? Battery/cables are fine, starts/moves fine now (near the house.) Sudden loss of power made me think bad tranny, but the immediate restart and A-OK drive afterwards has me stumped on where to start this process. Love to hear your thoughts.
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