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Re: How to correct miles on replacement cluster:

I watched the video again. Carefully this time. I am even more impressed. Creating a well-edited, well-filmed technical video is no small task and that one was excellent.

Almost all my questions were answered. I'm going to think a bit whether to buy a programer and the other assorted gear or whether I'll just desolder the eeprom. I'm fairly decent desoldering and soldering electronics.

I think I can handle all of it only one mystery remains -- how to disassemble the dash. Not smart enough to figure that out yet -- though I haven't tried. Have FSM coming and can probably find it there.

By the way, my local junk yard would not sell me a cluster last week as the guy insisted that it would not work to upgrade my idiot lights and that I'd just bring it back. I may call them back and promise I won't return it (assuming their price is decent).
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