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Re: How to correct miles on replacement cluster:

Originally Posted by HH-Bham View Post
That is awesome. Thanks.

I will have to watch that again, more carefully, to make sure I follow everything, but I am super excited. I just bought a 98 with the idiot cluster. Can't stand not having temp, oil pressure and tach. There is a parts 1998 in town and I will work on getting the cluster if it is the full cluster. Thanks.


Did I say thanks?
Ha not problem.

FYI full clusters are very common and easy to find, should be easy enough to buy one and get it shipped to you as well.

In your case if you felt comfortable soldering you could remove the eeprom from your old cluster and solder it into your new cluster.

I'd appreciate a subscription on youtube if you found it useful, youtube change the rules recently so it hurts smaller producers like me who don't have episodic channels and get more viewership from "how to" videos.
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