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Re: Coolant temp sensor renix idle problems?

I am not sure, not convinced a missing CTS sensor will cause idle problems. Simple test is to connect one to the wiring, just do not install it in the block. Cool the sensor with cold water, then heat it with boiling water. That will tell you if it is affecting idle or not.

If the O2 sensor and IAT temp sensor are working I would think it could it idle fine (closed loop).

Not having a CTS can affect starting the jeep (probably hard to start, easy to flood sometimes)!!!!

And it can waste gas!!!

Old-Man had a bad one, it was telling the ECU the temp was 30F or something all the time, and his problem was the ECU would not switch to closed loop, and it stayed open loop and drank gas big time, but he did not mention an idle issue. I think it was Renix. I think the ECU will assume an acoolant temp, guess, and then use the O2 sensor to control fuel feed.

IF the O2 sensor is having issues, fuel injectors have issues, or a dozen other things, then that is the probable cause of the idle issue.
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