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Re: Coolant temp sensor renix idle problems?

Originally Posted by Precious88xj View Post
1988 Jeep xj 4.0 4x4 aw4

So I recently swapped in a high output motor and forgot to install the coolant sensor that mounts to the motor on the renix. I kept my electrical system from the renix. Would that cause me a rough idle I don’t have it connected?
Also I won’t be able to install it to it’s original location can I adapt it to the water outlet where the temp sensor goes located for the H.O
Yes, it will cause idle problems. The PCM needs to know if the engine is hot or cold (among other things) to adjust fuel accordingly.

If your factory temp sensor will fit into an HO thermostat housing, I would simply cut the wires a few inches away from the connector and splice in some new wire. If you can solder, I would recommend that and some heat shrink tubing. If not, most parts stores sell butt connectors with a heat shrink plastic "jacket" that also work very well.
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