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Re: 1996 ZJ

Little update. In the past 2 weeks I have:

-Replaced the tires
-Valve cover gasket
-New brakes and shocks all around
-New upper and lower hoses
-New belt
-New plugs and wires
-New thermostat
-New transmission filter and fluid
-New PS fender and hood to replace the damaged ones from when the tree fell on it. Found a matching ZJ in the junk yard and it had perfect fender/hood.

A few issues:

-The transmission pan is leaking. I know I overfilled it, and realized it ASAP, so I siphoned out enough to get the level correct, but this morning there was still a pretty healthy leak on the garage floor

-Rock Auto sent me 2 upper and 2 lower ball joints. The boxes were all AC Delco branded and the part numbers were correct. Upper #1 was 1/4 inch shorter than Upper #2 and neither of them came with grease boots. Lower #1 was fine and Lower #2 came without a grease boot. So, I sent both uppers back and went to the local parts store to get some replacements. They are sending me a new lower.
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