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Re: Joel's multipurpose XJ build (rocks/boulevard)

Originally Posted by zachandandy View Post
These fuel economy guys need to come back to earth. A stock xj with the straight 6 auto and 4wd was rated at 18 highway. Lifts and bigger tires do not increase fuel economy period. 13 combined sounds about right if you drive it. Hyper mile your ass off, following big rigs at 60 and you might see 20.
Really ?? Very Nice Cherokee BTW !!

My 96, which is stock except for a 3" lift (still has stock tires on it), and 158k on the ticker, knocks down 21-22 GPS mpg on the highway regularly. I do drive the speed limit, but still...

My 88 with 350+ k on the ticker, locked rear, 2" lift, and 31's gets 15-16 GPS mpg highway, and would do better if the AW4 wasn't on its way out.

BTW, both are 4.0, AW4, 4x4 cherokees...........So I'd say something ain't right with your MPG.

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