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Re: Going Through a Beater XJ 4.0.

That flat file is the only tool I would ever use, short of a machine shop... It is slow as hell, but that is good, as it limits over removal of metal, and shows you with each stroke where the high spots are!!!!

A strong word of warning, number one, I would bolt the Exh manifold to the head, before welding those cracks, as not doing so guarantees warping the manifold!!! Even then it may already be warped.

I have found that file to be an awesome (slow as hell) but awesome tool for getting the Exh manifold faces flat and parallel, but even then, I had to add a copper silicone covered, copper shim on top on the gasket to deal with a huge warped gap between the inner two tubes and the head on mine. Did that in 2007 and it never once leaked or cracked.

8Mud has also done this years ago, he coached me. Lastly do not remove too much metal on the faces as the bolts over lap the intake and exhaust manifolds and if you remove too much metal to get it flat and parallel the bolts loose tension on the manifold spot you sanded down!!!!
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