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4.0 swap and now it smokes

Hi everyone! I just swapped a 4.0 crate motor I to my 2000 jeep. The engine came from a rolled over xj and has less than 2,000 miles on it. I drove the rolled jeep home about an hour and it didn't smoke at all.

I pulled the engine, transmission, and t case all out together and put it in the 2,000 jeep as one whole thing. After first start up it is smoking white smoke. Anyone have any ideas what might cause this?

When moving the engine I picked it up by the motor mounts and the tranny/tcase pointed almost directly towards the ground. Could fuild have done something weird in the engine? It doesn't look like there is any coolant in the oil and from what I've done, there shouldn't be any reason for this.

I filled up the coolant through the radiator.

I only ran the engine for about 45 seconds to a minute. It was dark so I decided to wait till morning to look closer at it.

Any valuable insight on this would be greatly appreciated!
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