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broken stud, lower shock mount

For the archives:
While changing my (96) rear shock I twisted off the stud from the lower mount. To fix it I cut the stud flush with the mount with a Sawzall then ground it smooth. I then center punched where the stud was and drilled it out with a 31/64 bit. I used this bit because it was the closest I could get to a 12mm hole.
The OEM stud is around 5/8 ( or the nearest metric number) A 5/8" bolt fits snugly into the rubber bushing of a OEM shock, but I didnt have the drill or the bit to drill out a 5/8" hole so used a metal tubular bushing that inserts into the hole of the shock (to keep it from being compressed too far) and a 12mm (grade 5) bolt fits it perfectly. I ground about 1/8" off of the tubular bushing to provide a litttle more compression, I then used my new bolt, original washers and a new nut with some blue loctite. All seems well. I may tack weld the head of the bolt to the other side of the bracket if it seems like it needs it, but for now, removeability is fine with me.

Between the pad that the shock mounts against and the hemi-spherical head of the old stud the bracket ends up being about 1/2" thick so I used a 3" bolt.


broken lower shock mount stud bolt
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