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Re: XJ battery strap from neg post to chassis?

Renix does not have a direct strap from the battery to the chassis. The battery goes over to the bolt that holds the dipstick. That is the critical point. There is a braided strap from the drivers side rear of the head over to the firewall.

A battery sitting at 11v while not running is not fully charged. Start it and measure. You should be 13-14v which indicates charging. If not give it a few minutes of running and try again. It may be a bit lower if the battery is sucking juice during a charge. Pop the battery caps and make sure every cell has water up to the ring. Ideally fill with distilled water. Never use bottled drinking water. They add chemicals to make it taste better, one of which contains calcium and it will weaken the battery acid.

Clean the battery terminals, inside and out, reinstall and make sure they are tight. Remove the terminals on the dipstick connection and wire brush them. Look at the large wires to make sure they are not corroded and eaten away.

After that, take it to Autozone and have them do a battery/charging check of the vehicle. It is free.
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