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Re: XJ battery strap from neg post to chassis?

Originally Posted by wgregt View Post
I was told the battery has 11V now. But, it starts the XJ just fine. Never dragged on the key start or left me stranded.
Your alternator is going to work overtime to keep that guy going. Get a battery charger and start charging it nightly until it's at 12.5 for a couple of days. It's cheaper than an alternator and another battery (remember, when one is dying they're both dying). Also be sure to check the water levels under the cap (careful not to spill it, there's sulfuric acid in there and it will eat through anything it gets on, wearing a face shield and a jacket with gloves is always a good idea but I never do personally because I'm just careful).

You want to make sure the water comes up to the bottom of the cylinders. I'm sure you'll find a few cells that are too low. Use a funnel and pour very slowly. It doesn't take much usually.

And yes, tell that mechanic he is fired. Your battery shouldn't be below 12.3 if it's a couple of years old. All mine are 3-5 years old and 12.7 because I charge and water them. I'm going to see how long I can make them last just by maintaining them.
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