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Re: XJ battery strap from neg post to chassis?

My 2000 Didn't have a ground strap when I took it to the dealer to fix something else at one point and they put that strap on there. I didn't have any problems with it before or after as a result.

Be careful. Bad batteries kill alternators, and bad alternators kill batteries. Replace your batteries at the right intervals or you'll also find yourself needing to replace the alternator. Maybe you can stretch it a year. Something I recommend is don't core charge your battery. You can get a good battery charger and keep the old one. Just check the water levels and top it off with distilled, then charge it. Then let it trickle charge for a few days. I've brought batteries that were below 11 or 10 volts back up to new doing that. And then, if I have some other problem and my battery is dead in the morning, I swap the batteries and rinse and repeat on the freshly dead one. Works awesome.

..and I just recalled, older XJ's in those 80's era had too small of an alternator to battery cable. I myself have done the "Big 3" upgrade. You can Google it and find out, but over time if your cable is too small it will oxidize and add more resistance to your charging system, which creates a voltage drop. Everything you're saying indicates a voltage drop. Eric The Car Guy shows you a quick and easy test for diagnosing if the positive or negative lead, or both, are creating voltage drops in your charging system so you know which one needs changed. All you do is use the multimeter leads to alternate between the battery's Positive and the Alternator's neg., and vice versa. You should see a good charge (13.5 or higher if you ask me) on both. If one is 12.7 and the other is 13.5 you have a problem. A battery just sitting in your engine bay should be 12.5 already.
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