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Ughhhhh!!! Now i'm pulling my hair out..... i've posted a couple of times before about my cherokee's crappy running situation. I'll give you a rundown on what i have done so far: when i got it, i cleaned the throttle plate and ran seafoam through the intake system. then i replaced the tps, cts, cps, and the evap purge solenoid. then today, i checked the fuel pressure and it held steady as a rock, @ 45-50 lbs. So basically what my problem is, is i will take the truck for a drive, then shut it off, wait for about 10-20 mins, then when i go to start it, after about 1 minute of running it starts stumbling and idiling really low, like 350-400 rpms. then i can goose the throttle and it clears up and runs fine. then when you go to drive, it runs out first gear fine then when it hits second, it acts like you cut the fuel pressure in half and it stumbles again but if you let off the gas, it runs fine and then it never does it until you shut the truck off. i appriciate any and all help on this matter.
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