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Re: 4600 Class KOH XJ

Originally Posted by cal View Post
A few things.

* You don't need to qualify for the stock class, just register and pass safety tech.

* Rumor is there will be no Glen Helen in 2018.

* Read here:

* Contrary to what math you write out up front, a super budget build that will pass tech is going to cost you somewhere around $20,000. History has shown you'll spend another 20K before you finish your first KOH. Maybe you'll get lucky, but most people don't.. the race is a lot harder than it looks.

A bunch of us here are happy to help. There are currently 3 XJ's competing in the stock class that are all pretty good friends and help each other out all the time - and a bunch of other racers that show up here and there, but less often.

Where are you located?
Yeah poor boy racing and petty cash racing are from my town ridgecrest CA, Brian hays races a ZJ in 4600 from ridgecrest also. I've talked with them a bit and will more in the future. The money is alright because I don't have a time constraint, I might be optimistic about 2018 but I'm happy to take as long as I need to to do it right!

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