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Range of Antifreeze Concentration

Hi All,

I have a 1992 XJ I-6 auto transmission 4X4. The recommended antifreeze concentration is 50/50 water/ethylene glycol (the green stuff).

I'm in San Diego. My Jeep never sees very low temperatures.

Antifreeze performs three functions. It lowers the point at which coolant freezes, it raises the boiling point, and it provides corrosion resistance. Here is a link to the freezing point depression feature:

I'd like to run a lower concentration of antifreeze with the idea that I can obtain better cooling by having more water in the mix.

Does anyone know what the lower limit of antifreeze concentration can be and still retain the necessary corrosion resistance.

A lower concentration of antifreeze will also boil at a lower temperature. Does anyone know what this might mean in a Jeep radiator system?

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