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Re: Fuel system help

On the blowby. it's a pretty common problem with these. At some point, they modified the vacuum line for the crankcase vent, putting less sharp curves in it, and though that seems minor, it helps. You need to make sure that all lines are clear and clean, no cracked elbows, and the grommets are sealing properly, because if vacuum doesn't pull out from the back of the cover, the blowby will push out the front. It's also not uncommon to find the innards of the valve cover heavily caked with crud, obscuring the passages, so it might be worthwhile taking it off and cleaning it. Expect large blobs and crumbs of carbonaceous crud to fall out as you do this, and try not to let them fall into the oil passages of the head. As you probably know, this is a valveless setup, depending on balanced vacuum and a certain amount of wishful thinking to work properly.

I don't think 87's have a ballast resistor for the fuel pump, but yours might. If there is one, try bypassing it for the running problem. If there isn't one, I'm not sure what to try next.
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