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Fuel system help

I can't figure this one out so here goes. I have an 87 MJ with a 4.0 auto that has 180k on the OD. I just did the So Cal to Moab and back run (1500+Miles) and had no fuel issues but I had massive blowby of 1 qt per tank of gas through the air filter, no smoke from the tailpipe and milage of around 12.5 per gal. on the way back. Within the last 1,000 miles prior to the trip simply because the truck was new to me and I didn't know it's history I replaced the fuel filter and pump, plugs, wires cap & rotor, vibe dampner (seperating and squealing), rear main seal (big leak), oil pump (poor pressure),pan gasket and valve cover gasket. So I hadn't started it since returning from moab and it started OK but died within 1 minute, it restarts OK but won't run for more than 1 MIN. The fuel rail has pressure and squirts fuel about a foot if you hold the schrader valve open while starting. Any suggestions of what to do about the blowby or stalling issues would be greatly appreciated.

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