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Re: The Heat is On

actually, one is on mixed heat(other thread), and this is on nothing but heat... I thought they were 2 different issues, but if not that is good news.

Jeep is a 1997 sport, 4.0 5spd... it does have a/c.

as of now...
I went out and actually "looked" right at the thing in the passenger side footwell that controls the blend door (searching here me there...)

When I adjust the cable by hand, I can contol heat, and switch to a/c... by simply moving the cable to and fro... and it definately will run the a/c.
When I set the cable by hand so it blows cold air... the dial moves to the cold position... and by turning the dial it moves the cable back to hot...
But, once turned to hot, the dial will not move the cable back to cold, the dial just spins freely...

So, how do you go about removing the "dial" and installing one that will "hold/move" the cable...

So if I can figure that out I have my "heat only" deal figured...

But, I still would like some help on why heat blows out the drivers side footwell when the AC/heat system is turned off.
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