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D60 Eaton e locker, 4.56 and up, 35 or 30 spline your choice

Gauging interest - I have this locker I got from Stefan, who got it from Pat*. It's currently fully disassembled and I have both 30 (used) and 35 (brand new) spline gear sets for it. It could use a new locking ramp set since it's got a little bit of wear on the ramps but I believe it should work as is. The part number for that is 26884-00S, I'm seeing them for $160-190. Since I'm not a fan of that part of the design I was going to make an ox style cable shifter mechanism for it, but I've got too many projects and not enough time.

I am incapable of sticking to a project plan so I accidentally bought this, but also a lunchbox. And now I'm only going to have one 60 in the Jeep.

I can fully clean and assemble it with your choice of spline count gears for 500 or if you want, I'll trade for a 36in and a 39in ecgs chromoly cut to length 35spl rear axle shaft and we'll call it even. Those currently retail for under 450 including shipping to Mass even without any discounts that you might be able to find, I didn't even look.

Either way I'll toss in the other set of spider gears, I don't need em.

Part numbers for the shafts I need are D60-R-FF35-36-C and D60-R-FF35-39-C.

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