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Re: Wifes Patriot has rough idle but does not throw codes.

My sister had one of these.

For some reason Dealerships don't have the info, but the web does.
IIRC, the issue is a knock sensor that gets water in the boot.
Remove boot, clean connector and it's all good - for a while.

I'll see if I can find the link in my emails...

So besides Engine Mounts (Which the Dealer changed all of them on my Sister's Jeep - they really did not want to buy it back!)

I found this, which did help.

<Quote>Cause: Moisture goes to the back of the engine. Motor wash, Oil change, Heat... (Researching the issue everyone does this and once moisture gets there never gets out. When you buy a new car guess what happens before you buy... Oil change and engine wash... If you pour the oil fast it goes out... Guess where??? Right to the socket. The electric socket pools moisture until the sensor is short. When the Camshaft Sensor sorts out the car does not know it idles.... Pretty much converts the car to an old car that had no sensors to comfort... {Model-T} The sensor also fails in higher temperatures. It is protected by a heat shield. But the sensor starts to fail over 110F... When the sensor is short the radio and other electric parts fail to function. The fuse doesn't burn. The PCM doesn't go bad. There are many Videos/articles on internet if you search the subject. Customer reviews also say 50 000Miles is the common lifetime of these sensors!!!</quote>

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