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Help..weird noise at 55-65 mph!!

Ive got a 98 xj, 4 1/2" lift, tom woods short shaft, adjust. arms.

Anyway, one day it starts making a noise. It only does it at about 55-65. It doesn't do it when im pushing the rpms through that speed range. Only when I'm coast or barely holding the throttle at that speed. The weird thing is where the noise "seems" to be coming from. I sounds like its about where the starter is. It is really sounds like it is coming from right around the right side floor board. Its kinda of a spinning noise like a the sound a bad bearing would make. My thought is maybe my starter is spinning and something in it is messed up but I don't know it the starter is totally disengaged when you just driving? Could be a bearing in power train to the front axle but it sounds like its coming from the right side. If could be a wheel bearing but it doesn't sound like this that far out in the front. Any ideas, trouble shooting tips would help. My best guess is the noise is coming from the starter....can anyone rule that out?????
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