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Loaded Rear Dana 44, locked Dana 30, 31" BFG's, other stuff for sale

Dana 44 Rear Axle- Loaded- $900

Originally from an '87 Jeep Cherokee XJ
Superior 4.10:1 ring & pinion
ARB Air Locker- RD 106
ZJ disk brakes with ceramic pads and e-brake (surface rust on rotors)
HD differential cover
Raised shock mounts (level with bottom of axle)
Anti-wrap spring perches (7" long, 1/2" taller than stock perches) Includes spring plates
Spare (stock) axle shafts included (right axle) (closer axle)

High Pinion Dana 30 Front Axle- $400

From a '97 Jeep Cherokee XJ, about 135k miles
Superior 4.10:1 ring & pinion
Aussie Locker- less than 1 year old
Ceramic pads and rotors replaced in last two years
Both unit bearings replaced in the last two years
Both ujoints replaced in the last two years
All ball joints replaced last year
3/16" reinforced LCA mounts
1/8" reinforced track bar mount
Includes complete steering, with Rancho steering stabilizer (needs paint)
Includes lower bar-pin eliminators for the shocks
Axle shafts use larger 297x, 760x ujoints
Spare (stock) axle shafts included (axle on right)

4 BFG Radial LongTrail Tires 31x10.5x15- $400
Mounted on 15x7 alloy rims (5 on 4 1/2) 4 or 4.25" BS (can't remember)

3 in near new condition, still some blue on the side
1 about 60-70 % tread remaining (typical side) (typical tread 3) (tread older tire)

Other stuff for sale

2 Rubicon Express extended LCA's (non-adjustable) $50 might need upper bushings
Track bar and bracket (stock style) $25 (on top of left axle in D30 photo)
Dana 35 rear axle, 4.10 Superior r&p, stock otherwise $75 (other axle in d44 photos)
1978 Ford F150 D44 Front housing (cast style) $50 (other axle in D30 photo)

Located in Binghamton, NY 13905

Happy shopping! -Jim C
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