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Cool Re: Just got myself a FREE XJ!

Originally Posted by staticrevolution
Here it is!!! Fresh off the towbar... Looks like all it will take to get it running is a new valvecover! BTW Willis great suggestions! Can't wait to get started. For the imediate time being I am going to throw of some used tires and work out a cheap lift. Anyone ever dolly a rig with a welded rear axle? Or for that matter anyone ever towed a rig with a welded rear axle? My DD/tow rig has a welded rear end is this gonna effect towing? Also what manual trannies were availiable with the 4cly? Anyone run a strictly trail vehical with no front fenders? Anyways.... sawzall/cage party at my house in a couple of weeks!!!!

I have a JD2 bender with a 1.75" die and a Miller 175 welder that you can help yourself to if you want to travel the 8 miles to Sherwood. I am in the process of building long arms for my 99 so I am always out in the garage. Let me know.

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