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Average life of a TRE? I have over 150,000 miles on the stock TREs but the are shot and need to be replaced. I would like to see a heim go that long on something other than a show truck or a trailer queen.

Personally I would do TRE's because pretty much all mass produced vehicles come with them. Auto manafactures have to be doing something right by using TREs instead of heims.

The whole thing about using heims and mounting them is very important. A heim mouned in double shear means that the heim joint has mounting material on both sides of it with a bolt passing through it all. The shear stress that passes through the heim joint then is passed onto the bolt. If the bolt is mounted in a double shear mount, then the stress goes through more than one point of the bolt. There is more than one plane for the force to go through. A single shear mount only has one plane for the force to be transfered through adn thus is weaker than a double shear mount of the same size. The double shear is stronger than a single shear BUT if you use a large enough bolt ia single shear mount shouldnt be a problem. Some good reading on the subject would be Carroll Smith's Nuts, bolts, fastners, and plumbing handbook by Carroll Smith.

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