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Re: Projext "V8 XJ" Build

Welder is all setup. Fab coming soon.

I've also run into a small road block. Got the intake all installed and got the correct injector adapters installed.

The Jeep wont start now. I hadn't started it in a while but it did run and they only thing that changed was the intake. Unfortunately the computer isnt spitting out any codes either.

Could the mismatched injectors in the tune cause it not to start?

I’m also thinking of starting this swap process with a new shell. I’d like to use a <‘93, with manual windows and locks. Using an older Jeep would allow me to register it as a classic and not worry about SMOG. My Jeep also has a registration restriction under my name. (Long story is that I canceled insurance and never turned in the plates so according to the dmv I was driving without insurance. $1200 fine and need to carry special insurance.). I can get around this by registering under a different name or getting a new Jeep.

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